Beware the Dangers: Unveiling E-cigarettes’ Detrimental Impact

Doctors Warn Against Vaping as Smoking Cessation Tool

E-cigarettes' Detrimental Impact

Doctors’ Warnings: E-cigarettes and Health Concerns

Doctors are raising red flags on the use of e-cigarettes, cautioning people against vaping due to mounting evidence of significant negative health impacts. Despite being promoted as a smoking cessation tool, medical experts express reservations and urge the adoption of safer alternatives.

E-cigarettes: Not the Optimal Choice for Smokers

Dr. Petros Levounis, President of the American Psychiatric Association and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, emphasizes that current smokers have potent, safe, and FDA-approved interventions available. Relying on e-cigarettes for smoking cessation might not be the best approach.

Adverse Effects on Cardiovascular Health

In July, the American College of Cardiology released stringent guidelines discouraging e-cigarette usage, especially among individuals with chronic heart disease. Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine, Dr. Naomi Hamburg of Boston University, warns that even in young people, e-cigarettes can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and negatively impact blood vessel function. Choosing a safe alternative is imperative.

E-cigarettes: Rising Popularity and Misconceptions

Introduced to the U.S. markets in 2007, e-cigarette use has skyrocketed, witnessing a remarkable 50% increase in sales within the last two years. Often portrayed as a lesser evil compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes lure users with flavoring options, perceived harm reduction, milder odor, and targeted campaigns, particularly aimed at vulnerable groups like the youth.

Unveiling the Real Harm

Research reveals that e-cigarettes can cause harm to the entire body. The emergence of EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping-use Associated Lung Injury) showcases lung damage and potential harm to other organ systems. Experts highlight the need for more extended market presence to understand the long-term effects, dispelling any conclusion that e-cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes.


The Perils of Dual Use

In the quest to quit smoking, some individuals resort to “dual use,” combining e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes. Doctors strongly discourage this practice as it can significantly harm blood vessels, leading to heightened risks of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems.

A Harrowing Tale of EVALI

Frances Daniels, a parent and volunteer at Parents Against Vaping, shares the heart-wrenching experience of her 17-year-old child battling EVALI. The teenager used e-cigarettes recreationally and spent five weeks in the Intensive Care Unit, requiring multiple chest tubes and even being placed on a lung transplant waitlist.

Safe and Proven Smoking Cessation Alternatives

Experts advocate sticking to FDA-approved products for quitting smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) options like patches, gum, or inhalers, alongside medications such as Bupropion or Varenicline, are recommended. Combinations of NRTs, like the patch and gum, may be suggested. In some cases, psychosocial options like cognitive behavioral therapy can be beneficial.

FDA Approval and Research

E-cigarettes lack FDA approval as smoking cessation tools, although companies pursue such endorsements. The FDA insists on further research to determine their safety and efficacy for quitting conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Safe and Effective Alternatives

Conclusively, experts assert that as smoking cessation tools, e-cigarettes are not the optimal choice. Instead, they emphasize the availability of other scientifically proven, safe, and effective options for those determined to quit smoking.


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