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Do You Enjoy Sharing Your Kid’s Photos

You Won't After Watching This

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A screenshot from a recent Deutsche Telekom ad raising awareness about oversharing personal data online.

The Dark Side of Sharenting: AI Reveals Harsh Reality for Children Online

In a suspenseful video advertisement, Deutsche Telekom employs cutting-edge AI technology to age a 9-year-old girl named Ella virtually, delivering a powerful message to parents about the dangers of oversharing their children’s lives on social media.

AI-Generated Ella Speaks Out

In the video, AI-generated Ella candidly addresses unaware parents, cautioning them about the potential risks of turning innocent photos into sensitive data that may lead to a grim future.

Sharenting and Its Consequences

Sharenting, the act of oversharing children’s content online, is a growing concern. Once shared, controlling the distribution of such content becomes challenging, leaving children vulnerable to various dangers.

AI Amplifies the Risks

The increasing accessibility of AI technology exacerbates the problem. Ill-meaning individuals can exploit AI and publicly available data to manipulate photos and videos into harmful content, including child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

7.4 Million Cases of Identity Fraud?

Experts warn that by 2030, a staggering 7.4 million incidents of identity fraud per year could be linked to parents oversharing personal information online.

Protecting Children’s Privacy

To safeguard their children’s privacy and mitigate risks, experts advise parents to share content only in private albums with trusted family and friends. Open conversations about online safety are vital to educate children about the importance of refraining from sharing personal details and understanding the permanence of online content.

Now it’s the time to say: Let’s create a safer digital world for our children!

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