Adidas Rakes in Millions with Yeezy Trainers!

From Breakup to Breakthrough: How Adidas Bounced Back After Kanye West's Departure!

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Adidas Thrives with Yeezy Trainers Post Kanye West Split

In a surprising turn of events, Adidas has managed to generate millions in revenue from its initial release of Yeezy trainers after parting ways with rapper and fashion icon, Kanye West.

Sales Surge and Charitable Contributions

  • During the second quarter of this year, the sportswear giant reported an impressive €400 million (£344 million) in sales from the highly sought-after shoes.
  • Adidas pledged to donate a portion of the profits from the Yeezy sales to charitable organizations dedicated to combating hate, emphasizing their commitment to social responsibility.

Unwavering Demand in the Market

Despite the separation from the renowned rapper, the demand for Yeezy shoes has not waned, with the trainers continuing to maintain their immense popularity in the resale market.

Careful Inventory Management

  • Bjorn Gulden, Adidas’ CEO, announced in the latest financial update that the company will gradually sell off the remaining Yeezy inventory, an alternative to destroying or writing it off.
  • This decision not only bolsters the company’s financial strength but also helped narrow the projected loss for the year to €450 million, down from the previously estimated €700 million.

Steady Sales Performance

The sales figures for the Yeezy line during this period remained consistent with those seen in the same timeframe in 2022, before the high-profile fallout with Kanye West.

Philanthropic Commitment

As part of its commitment to countering hate, Adidas has set aside €110 million for charitable donations to organizations like the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism and the Anti-Defamation League. This allocation was previously announced following Kanye West’s controversial online remarks.

Future Prospects and Challenges

  • Although Adidas still has about €1.2 billion worth of Yeezy shoes sitting in storage since the successful partnership came to an end, Gulden clarified that deciding not to sell the remaining inventory would lead to a loss of approximately €400 million.
  • The recent financial update did not encompass the impact of the second release of Yeezy trainers, which is expected to bring an additional financial boost to the company.

Industry Analysts’ Perspectives

JD Sports has already commenced selling Yeezy products from Adidas’ latest release of the shoes, but some industry analysts expressed concerns that selling off the remaining Yeezy stock might only serve as a short-term solution for a brand that appears to have lost some of its identity and relevance in the market.

  • Alice Price, an associate apparel analyst at GlobalData, pointed out that Adidas is now trailing behind certain competitors like Puma, who offer more on-trend and innovative products.

Defending Against Legal Challenges

Despite Bjorn Gulden’s efforts to steer the brand back on track, Adidas is currently facing legal challenges from investors who claim that the company was aware of Kanye West’s problematic behavior long before terminating their partnership. These investors allege that Adidas failed to take necessary precautions and limit financial losses.

  • In response to the allegations, Adidas firmly denied the claims, vowing to defend itself against them with all necessary measures.


While the future may hold uncertainties, Adidas remains steadfast in its commitment to move forward with the Yeezy brand, leveraging the powerful demand and iconic status that it continues to hold in the market.

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